We’ll make your brand go pop bang sizzle daaamn badabing rawrrr tschak boom.




We’re a boutique agency pushing the boundaries between advertising, art and activism. You’ll find us where the fun is — and where product & mission, humans & automation, inclusivity & intersectionality meet. Our studio / gallery space / office hq is located right in the heart of Düsseldorf’s old town.

As your favourite one-stop-shop for all things branding, PR and social media, we develop strategies, campaigns and visual concepts. We love data & trust our gut. We’re good with people & trends, graphics & words — and we can code. B2C & B2B. DE & EN.

We believe in sustainability, accessability and working with a badass diverse team. We always play fair – and we expect our clients to do the same. Whether you’re a company or a solopreneur, a cultural institution or an art project, if you’re up for awesome stuff with a dash of pop:

We could be cute together!


We develop integrated marketing strategies for Ben & Jerry’s and their social mission, asphalt Festival, FULL SPIN Festival, NRW Soziokultur, Housing First & many more.

For a complete project portfolio & client list drop us a line.

Art & Activism

We helped to envision & kick off the annual SHOW-OFF! Art Festival. We support K*WERK in all things strategy, design, web & PR.

Print & Personal Branding

We love to sweat the small(er) stuff! A one-off tour poster or a theatre booklet for one night, custom type or personal portfolio websites — this is just as exciting for us as a nation-wide campaign launch. You can see some of our recent personal branding projects here and here.

Theatre & Digital Spaces

We brought a digital performance to life and developed three cute minigames with Düsseldorf’s nicest art collective. We support klmmr in all things design, web & PR.

Fair & International

We launched a new identity for bridgeworks and workshopped with them to unleash their full brand power. We support bridgeworks in all things design, web & strategy.


LJB WORKS is a small boutique agency – even when we're working with bigger industry players, we stick to our DIY ethic and pop aesthetics. Our projects revolve around FLINTA* issues, art and social justice, so we’re really fond of humans who make the world a nicer place.

This is a full time position starting 05/2023.
Join our quest to make the web a more fun, inclusive and pretty place! You’re into sustainable, future-driven technologies and have a not-so secret obsession with static website editors? We’d like to meet you! Your projects will range from conversion-centered landing pages to experimental portfolio websites.
A very big plus: You’re pretty good at organizing your projects and don’t mind the occasional proofreading sesh.

This is a full time position starting 09/2023.
You’re passionate about branding, seriously in love with type and never afraid of bold statements? You feel right at home pushing digital frontiers, yet you spend a surprising amount of time proving print is very much alive? We’d like to meet you!
A very big plus: You’re pretty good at organizing your projects and don’t mind proofreading or writing the occasional copy yourself.

This is a 6 months internship starting 09/2023.
You’ll be supporting us in all our projects from start to finish. We can brew our own tea & coffee, and whilst there will be some errands to run, you will focus on project management: Arranging meetings, assisting with project timelines and making sure we’re keeping our shit together. A background in design, social media or marketing is cool, but certainly not a requirement.
A very big plus: You’re not afraid to answer the phone or to call people without texting them first. If you’re brilliant with numbers, you’ll take our hearts by storm.

Good to know: Whilst we strongly believe in WFH and workations, these positions are based in and around Düsseldorf. Our projects include local events and we hope you’ll be as excited as we are to join us for weekly meetings at our studio space. We speak & work in German & English, so we’d be delighted if you’re proficient in both languages.

Very important: We really, really like to receive applications from FLINTA*, BIPoC and queer folks! As we’re set on disrupting the advertising industry, we want to have different voices and backgrounds at our table. And whilst we want you to fall in love with your new job trulymadlydeeply, we don’t work overtime here or call you on your day off.

How to apply: Top off your email to jobs@ljb.works with a statement why it’s us you want to work with! Dare to get personal – if you’d like to tell us about your favourite band or movie, now is your chance. Don’t forget to include your portfolio and/or project summary/CV. Feel free to apply in English or German.